Joma Super Copa FG


Joma Super Copa FG

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The Supercopa Speed Boot Is Aimed At Very Fast, Mainly Attacking Players Who Require Both A Light And Extremely Adaptable Boot.

Jomas New Multi-Stud Sole Retains Our 2D Dual-Density Technology.

The 14 Sole Studs Are Placed In Accordance With Biomechanical Research To Provide Greater Stability And Grip On The Playing Field.

We Have Reinforced The Support Point At The Shank, Which Likewise Makes The Design More Innovative And Dynamic Achieving Greater Stability And Cushioning.

You Will Be Surprised By The Uppers Ductility, A Very Yielding Feel, Allowing The Fit To Adjust Perfectly To Your Foot.

However, The Boot Will Keep Its Shape When Used Thanks To The Design Of The Inner Liners.

The Studs Are Positioned Both Vertically And Horizontally To Provide Foot Protection And Prevent Buckling.

Another Quality Of Microfibre Is Waterproofing, Which Means That It Wont Absorb Water Nor Be Weighed Down During Wet Play Conditions.

The Boots Inside Has Been Shaped Following The 360° System Which Joma Applies To All Their Sports Shoes.

In This Way, All The Boots Parts Form An Ergonomic Whole.

It Adjusts Perfectly To The Curves Of The Foot Providing A Double Benefit:

The Boot Has A 100% Fit Thus Achieving A Glove Effect Which Turns It Into An Ally Of Your Fine Ball Touch And Body Weight Is Naturally Distributed Over The Curvature Of The Tread.

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